Chemical Hair Straightening

The Gloss Chemical Hair Straightening process smooths curly, dry, unruly hair permanently with a revolutionary system that uses heat to restructure the hair’s protein bond. The result is smooth, sleek, shiny, straight, regenerated (repaired) hair.

Chemical straightening works on most types of European hair and lasts until the treated hair is cut off.

The process consists of a number of steps and can take up to 2 hours:

  • Protein Protect treatment is applied to replace any protein loss caused by the heat process.
  • The straightening treatment is applied to soften the hair in preparation for the heat treatment.
  • The hair is ‘ironed’ by taking small sections and pulling the heated straighteners down each length of hair at least twice. Firstly to remove moisture and then again to complete the smoothing process.
  • A neutraliser is applied to fix the style.
  • Finish with a Hydro Milk to rehydrate the hair after the process.

We recommend that you come back a few days after your treatment so you have the opportunity to discuss how you are finding your new style and raise any queries you may have about maintaining your stunning new look.

“It’s always worth the journey back to Exeter!”